ACN, real opportunity or scam? Scam.

ACN has a very interesting model. It allows you to change your current services over to them, as a billing partner, and make it appear as if you are not changing any of your current buying behaviors- so they’d like you to think. As I’ve recently been part of the sales pitch around me, I was introduced to ACN and their up-line, Mr. Shane Douglas, by someone that I had respected. This article is meant to provide you with clear and real objective advice to help you to keep your money in your pocket.

You’ve spent all of your time negotiating  and maintaining your current services to a point that you’re proud of your current rates, then ACN comes along and asks you to change all of that, for the good (investment in) of your business. What they neglect to tell you is that all of the services that you currently have do not have contracts anymore, while you are now paying more for those same bills while being in newly locked in contracts with ACN (their service providers). This would not be a serious issue if most ACN reps made money. But, the fact is that only 1% of all ACN reps actually make any significant money, or can support themselves from income from the ACN “opportunity”.

ACN is the dinosaur of the MLM or network marketing industry. They truly have figured some things out that help them to stay fresh and appear new to unsuspecting dream seekers, which keep them under the radar. But, they have not discovered how to replicate their model into making their promises come true for others.


When you pay your $499 to enroll as a new ACN “business owner”, that money is dispersed to the company and your up-line. Then you switch your bills over and get into new long term contracts. Many of the services that you sign up for will either be new or duplicates of your current services, as most people are still locked into contracts with cell phone carriers and other services. Now, these unsuspecting reps who believe that paying for these extra services or duplicate ones are “the cost of doing business”, “making your dreams come true”, “financial independence”, “$100k/month” only lock you into more over priced contracts while you you are struggling to convince others to do the same, and to pay your monthly bills.

While pleading with others in your circle to do as you’ve done, taking the financial leap of faith, you’ll notice that some may be polite and take your call, and even get on with the one that signed you up (beware of Mr. Shane Douglas). But, make no mistake about it, they are all cringing inside to the point that they will be as creative as possible with their reasons (excuses) for not seeing what you see. Soon after you will start to experience those who said they were “interested” stop answering your calls, as they gave you positive affirmation in the moment, but then ran for cover the first opportunity that they got some air. Your circle will become smaller when pitching your friends, which in turn will stunt your financial growth and reduce the amount of Christmas cards that you get.

charlie brown

ACN Scam – #1 Problem With ACN Business

When you sign up with ACN as an IBO you can sell their services to yourself or other companies and make profit off their bill they pay each month.

The only problem is that you have to convince someone to switch over to a different company or cancel their existing companies just to sign up.

The company works in stages. You won’t make money unless you get people under you.
You have to sell 7 services and have at least 2 people under you in order to make money.
Now what if you sell 10 services and have 1 person under you.
You won’t make any income off until you get your second person. Stupid!

It’s a tough business and requires some real determination and effort. For a lot of people their main problem is getting enough people to talk to about their opportunity.

Network Marketing is definitely a numbers game; you will go through a lot of ‘no’s’ before you get to a ‘yes’.

Particularly with traditional marketing methods it can be difficult to generate enough leads. It’s a HUGE problem that 97% of people struggle with in their ACN home business.


Once you’ve realized that the ACN “opportunity” is not what was presented to you, you will look to get out. Now they have your $499 and you are paying more for more services that have you locked in for the next 2+ years. All of that residual income that you were promised is now flowing up to the snake oil salesman while you are left scratching your head and trying to explain yourself to those around you. The ones that you pitched are now relieved and do not trust you anymore. Your family will add this to the list of bad decisions that you became blindly enthusiastic about.


Example: They are touting free cell phone service, which is only $60-$100/month in today’s current market place. So, no exciting savings. But, what they don’t tell you is that you need to get 5+ customers, who are already in cell phone agreements currently, to take on new cell phone service so you can get a modest credit on your 2nd cell service (2nd= you probably have a contract for your current cell phone and ACN forced you to get another useless cell phone- which you MUST buy as well), that you don’t actually need.



All of the new found ACN effort is based on making the rich much richer as it’s disguised very well as a “new opportunity. The truth is that ACN has been around for 24 years and has had many issues. They’ve been re-born so often because of all the legal challenges and PR missteps of making us all rich. It seems as if every 5-6 years they let the past generation of victims melt away, while serving the conveyor belt of fresh new “meat” ie new unsuspecting prospects.

ACN touts the fact that they are a telecommunications company, but that’s the furthest from the truth. They produce nothing. They are a 3rd party marketing company for other communications companies, which means that prices must be increased so ACN can get paid to attract the same customers that these actual telecommunications companies already have. Yes, ACN is screwing them too.


You will not gain any financial independence from the ACN program. Selling lies will be their legacy. If you are looking at this opportunity, please do your homework. As mentioned above, beware of a senior ACN rep named Mr. Shane Douglas. He’s the best of the best in presenting this opportunity, which is why the money all flows up to him. When doing your search for Mr. Shane Douglas, you’ll notice that “Shane Douglas” is also a professional wrestler. These are very different people. This allows the negative posts about “Shane Douglas ACN” to get pushed down in the search rankings to other pages, pages that you typically don’t have the patience to continue your research. Convenient. Mr. Shane Douglas, and most other top ACN rep, does not make near the amount that they insinuate or the devoted disciples tout. His longevity in this industry has created a mythical facade that allows people to truly believe that he does. Ask to see a check stub from the most current payout. Exactly.
Read the IBO agreement:

Shane Douglas ACN speaks the best of the best, but lacks all substance and has zero empathy for your personal situation and tolerance for any real objectives, as he deems them as “negative” and refuses to work with “naysayers”. He is just very unsuccessful turning people who ask real questions. Once you enroll, the instructions are vague and his availability becomes scarce, the opposite of what was promised. Please beware of this man.


Be warned, in an era of internet reviews, ACN has trollers strategically placing fake positive reviews on top of legitimate real negative/real-life reviews. This is very easy to detect as you will feel the real energy from the many negative ones, but feel nothing from the positive template(s) that are placed unevenly among the real negative ones.

Also, here are 2 main reasons for the “snake oil” label:

1. Donald Trump was a hired spokesman to make us all feel as this was a more legitimate opportunity and many of us were fooled. He was only a paid spokesman and did not use any of ACN’s services. Shamefully, ACN paid Trump to showcase their losing product, the video phone, on his show The Apprentice. ACN charged $300 for the phone + $40 for monthly service to compete with Skype, which was free with no purchasing of hardware. See the predator mindset?

2. ACN would send out many of the Success magazines with the founders on the cover, as if Success would be featuring ACN over all other MLM’s. The truth is that Success magazine has a paid advertising service that customizes these covers as a “pay to play” service. Thousands of other companies have received this same service, yet we never see these customized issues on the store shelves. Why are the up-lines the sole distributors of these custom issues? Interesting.

Because I did my research about ACN and Mr. Shane Douglas, I opted not to join ACN. My understanding is that I’ve been called lots of names and labeled as a “loser”. The “friend” who introduced me to ACN and Mr. Shane Douglas has been part of ACN for 9 months and still has not recovered her $499 initial start-up and we have not spoken in 4 months.

Do not drink this Kool-Aid.

Please proceed with your eyes wide open.

Convenient disclaimer to avoid further lawsuits:


3 thoughts on “ACN, real opportunity or scam? Scam.”

  1. Agreed, Shane Douglas is a passive aggressive salesman who completely misrepresents his success, while also removing himself from the process after you make your payment. Very rude and pretentious if you disagree with him. ACN only works for those that have been involved for a long time, not newbies. The newbies role is only to make the higher-ups more money.


  2. Sincere thank you for your very noticeable intelligence regarding site content material very relevant to unorganization co. that did manage to milk me for the $500 & many wasted interstate trips. Your effort was much appreciated & will be of use to many who bother to check-up & research on scam company they’re perhaps shown _. . .

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